Summit called to demand inclusive education for every child

10 May 2017

A lack of government funding and support for children with disabilities or additional learning needs has prompted educators, people with disabilities and their families and advocates to hold an inclusive education national summit in Wellington this week.

NZEI Te Riu Roa has organised the Inclusive Communities through Education Summit with the support of organisations including IHC and Inclusive Education Action Group.

Participants will discuss how public education can be made truly inclusive and the resources that are needed to support every child and young person.

Berhampore Principal and NZEI Executive member Mark Potter will speak at the summit.

“Although children with disabilities or additional learning needs have the same rights as other children to enrol and get an education at their local school, in reality not all schools have the resources to meet these children's needs,” he said.

Summit participants believe that children deserve a Government guarantee that their educational needs will be met at school and ECE. It should not be optional for either the Government or schools to include children with additional learning needs. Every child has the right to a great public education.

Keynote speaker is Roger Slee, a Research Professor at University of South Australia.

Parents of children with disabilities and additional learning needs will also speak at the summit and are available for interview.

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