Extreme caution urged over Pact Tool

NZEI Te Riu Roa is urging principals and teachers to be very cautious when engaging with the Pact Tool.
National trials for the maths component of the PACT tool are due start in Term 3 and the Ministry of Education is hoping to have 400 teachers involved in the trial in term 4. The reading and writing components of the PACT will be rolled out in 2014.
However NZEI has major concerns that the online tool could be used by the Ministry in an attempt to moderate flawed National Standards and to try to measure individual schools or individual teachers based on student achievement (thus supporting government’s GERM agenda of high stakes measurement, and competition instead of collegiality and individualised quality learning.

View the Ministry's PaCT presentation

They were also concerned that data from the PACT tool could be used to measure individual teacher, or individual school "value added" to student performance. Treasury has advocated for "value added" data to be produced so that school funding and ranking and teacher appraisal/pay could be linked to student outcomes.

View Treasury report

For more information, download the PACT Business Case (NB: 11mb pdf)

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