Have you taken leave without pay this year?

If you are working within the state or state integrated teaching sector and have taken any form of leave without pay this school year you may have a holiday pay adjustment. Leave without pay includes maternity leave, discretionary leave and unpaid refreshment leave of more than 5 days.

Because your holiday pay is based on how many days you have earned within the school year (i.e. 28 January onwards) if you take more than 5 days leave without pay there will be an impact on your holiday pay. This adjustment is made in the term break immediately following the leave at a rate of 30% - the same rate that you accrue holiday pay.

A couple of examples:

A teacher who has taken the last 10 days of term 2 as discretionary leave without pay to visit their elderly parents overseas. They return during the term break, and are back at school for day one, term 3. The total leave without pay is 10 days (Wednesday week 9 to Friday week 10) as the intervening weekend also counts.

The holiday pay adjustment is 3 days which will have been taken from pay period 9 on 24 July.

A teacher who was on maternity leave from the start of term 2 last year until the end of term 1 this year. Only the leave taken in this school year will result in an adjustment – in this case term 1. This year term 1 was 84 days.

The holiday pay adjustment is 25 days – 14 of which are taken before the start of term 2, 9 from pay period 9 on 24 July, and 2 from pay period 10 on 7 August.

If you have had leave without pay this year and need help figuring out your holiday pay adjustment and when it will be taken, your payroll administrator or principal should be able to help in the first instance. The Member Support Centre can also assist and can be contacted on 0800 693 443 or nzei@nzei.org.nz

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