We're worth it: Pay Equity Now!

Become part of an unstoppable force.

You can be part of the movement for fair pay for women. Join with us, as together we win pay equity for educators.

Those of us working in education are tired of being undervalued and underpaid just because we're doing work that's historically done by women. But a united movement is turning that around.

Rest home care workers are about to receive huge pay increases of between 20 and 40 percent. That's the kind of pay rise that can change your life. And it shows what's possible when we combine our strength in a union and have the power to stand up for what's right.

Together, we can win pay equity for women in education.

Now, it's educators' turn for fair pay. Education support workers and teacher aides have already begun cases for pay equity, and other support staff are close behind.

It won't be easy. The Government and those in charge of Ministerial budgets know that fixing our pay is going to cost them and have already started putting road blocks in our way.

But we'll be unstoppable if people like you join in, and join up now.

We've waited long enough—let's get fair pay now

Imagine being able to tell your grand daughters you helped win the right for us women to be valued for the vital work we do with children.

History is in the making, and you can be a part of it. Join with us to join in the movement for fair pay for women now. 

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What's pay equity?

Pay equity means getting equal pay for work of equal value.  
Over 40 years ago women won the right for equal pay, which means we should get the same pay as a man gets for doing the same job.
Pay equity is the next step.
It means jobs predominantly performed by women, like caregiving and being a teachers aide, should be paid just as well as jobs predominantly performed by men which have comparable levels of skills, training, and responsibility.