More about the Government's "Investing in Educational Success" policy

The Ministry has published staffing orders and advice to schools about the roles and allowances created through the Government's Investing in Educational Success policy.

NZEI's advice to members is that you should continue to uphold the strong vote against including these roles in our collective agreements that members made last year, and refrain from taking up these roles.

With the Joint Initiative now underway, we have the opportunity to develop resourcing and roles to underpin a sustainable alternative to the IES.  The Ministry has given an undertaking to NZEI that the staffing order and advice have been published without prejudice to the outcomes of the Joint Initiative.

If you are considering taking up any of these roles or allowances, NZEI advises the following:

  • The Ministry has yet to clarify how these roles/allowances would work in the context of members covered by NZEI collective agreements 
  • This means there are a wide number of employment issues that have yet to be clarified, including the nature of the employment agreement you might have
  • You may jeopardise your future ability to have a voice in the negotiation of collective agreements that advance quality teaching and learning.

We therefore strongly recommend you support the collective decision of NZEI members and refrain from taking on these roles.