Survey of Principals in Communities of Learning, April 2017

The purpose of this survey was to encourage principals to reflect on the process of forming a CoL and to open up the discussion around CoLs. Principal Support Officers from NZEI Te Riu Roa conducted in-depth interviews with 93 principals working in Communities of Learning across the country, including some who held the lead principal position in their CoL.

Full report (157 KB PDF)

Massey research report on collaboration, leadership and sharing effective practice

NZEI commissioned a literature review from Massey University that looks at the research evidence supporting effective collaboration, leadership and sharing of effective practice. The report reviews the evidence associated with the claims in the  Investing in Educational Success Working Group report in order to support wider discussions on aspects of the initiative. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the literature rather than a critical review of the IES initiative. It is a rich and very readable resource to support the work of the Joint Initiative.

Executive Summary of the report (6 page pdf)
Full Report (286 pages pdf)

Peter Rawlins from Massey University Research launch

Peter Rawlins is a senior lecturer at Massey University and is one of the authors of the NZEI commissioned literature review that looks at the research evidence supporting effective collaboration, leadership and sharing of effective practice.
Peter reminds us about the voice of the child in collaboration, and explains what the research says is the power of"democratic collaboration".
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Cathy Wylie speech from the Massey University Research launch

Cathy Wylie is a Chief Researcher at NZCER. Cathy asks - what changes or new institutions might we see in 3-5 years if the Joint Initiative really leads to us following the journey of the learner? And how do we avoid "contrived collaboration"?

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Download a pdf of the powerpoint from the speech

Communities of Mutual Respect

Toru Whetu is a purpose built, full-day Pasifika centre with 100% qualified teachers, many of whom are fluent in Cook Island, Tuvalu and Niuean languages. Joint Initiative Working Party members Caroline Mareko and Ngaretta Strong made this presentation to the Working Party, which looks at the role of Toru Whetu as a community hub and at its transition programme for children from Toru Whetu to local schools. 
View the presentation (pdf)

Michael Fullan on IES

Michael Fullan is a Canadian educational researcher whose educational ideas were drawn on for the government's IES working group report. He answers questions about collaboration and IES.

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