How will CoLs change and evolve?

NZEI's view is that current Community of learning model is a flawed one that will need to evolve if it is to effectively meet the needs of children and their learning.  We have successfully argued for a review of the CoL model at the end of 2016 so that more flexibility and innovation is able to be built into it.
Below is the relevant point from the Community of Learning Terms of Settlement and variations.

10. Communities of Learning -direction of travel
It is agreed that there may be benefits in updating the arrangements, including greater flexibility in funding and other resourcing distributions, once the implementation of Communities of Learning is well underway. This allows the time for individual Communities of Learning to have had a chance to work collaboratively to establish and start to address their first shared achievement challenges.

Updating the arrangements may help boards within Communities of Learning be more innovative, and allow more bespoke, agile and responsive approaches to meeting the learning needs of students and the Communities of Learning's ability to meet their shared achievement challenges.

 This update provides an opportunity for the parties, in the spirit of continuous improvement, to identify the elements of the process that have been particularly effective as well as those that could be improved. An update would appropriately be carried out when Communities of Learning have matured in their understanding of their achievement challenges and how they can best meet them and demonstrate accountability for them.

 To that end, the parties will meet no later than December 2016 to re-engage on this issue.

We are now working with the Ministry through phase two of the Joint initiative to ensure there is an equitable place for ECE teachers and support staff in Communities, because both have critical parts to play in creating success for children and their learning. 
We are also working on how to ensure Communities are truly inclusive and prioritise meeting the needs of children with special education needs. The Joint initiative is also looking at how Communities can enhance success for Maori and Pasifika students.
These priorities were drawn from the Better Plan which we launched in May 2014 and was based on what educators and parents told us were priorities for investment in education.