Special education resourcing inequitable for children with additional learning needs

The Government's decision to roll out reform of special education (Learning Support) to newly formed groups of school (Communities of Learning) rather than every school is abdicating its responsibility to support every child in every school, NZEI Te

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Women call on women to vote down unfair pay Bill

NZEI members are calling on all women MPs to back the women of New Zealand and vote against the Pay Equity Bill today, even if it means crossing the floor.

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Women will fight hurdles to equal pay

Women in education will fight the Government's attempt to create new hurdles that make it harder for us to achieve fair pay.

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Urgent action needed on teacher shortage

A survey of new primary and intermediate teachers in Auckland reveals large numbers are considering giving up on teaching, and two thirds are planning or thinking about leaving the city due to the cost of living.

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Educators welcome input on digital fluency package for schools

NZEI Te Riu Roa has welcomed Education Minister Nikki Kaye’s offer to work alongside the profession on how to implement the government’s digital fluency package in schools.

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Education suffers in Budget 2017

Education is the loser in today’s Budget announcement, with early childhood services suffering the seventh straight year of a funding freeze, and an increase to the school operations grant that will not cover inflation.

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Overcrowded schools highlight chronic underfunding

The revelation that hundreds of schools are overcrowded has again highlighted the need for a huge increase in education funding, and shown that the data-focused government is not even getting the basics right.

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Long-term teacher supply issues remain

New government measures to increase teacher supply have addressed some concerns in the sector, but housing, transport and income solutions are essential for long-term results.

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Education bill puts politics ahead of children

Concerns of educators have been ignored, as the government pushes through education legislation that appears to be based on political objectives and cost saving, rather than what is best for children.

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New education targets a disaster for children

New "Better Public Performance" targets for achievement in mathematics and writing are a disaster for children that will put more pressure on them and teachers, and further stifle quality public education, NZEI Te Riu Roa says.

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MPs to "step into the shoes" of teacher aides on first day of school term

As schools launch into term two on Monday [May 1], Members of Parliament are heading back to school to experience the work of teacher aides and other school support staff.

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Nikki Kaye invited back to school

Educators are sending their best wishes to Nikki Kaye on her first day as Minister of Education, and inviting her to spend a day working alongside school support staff.

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NZEI calls on Bennett to remove Pay Equity Bill stumbling blocks

NZEI Te Riu Roa is calling on the Deputy Prime Minister, Paula Bennett, to demand Ministers change a draft Pay Equity Bill and remove stumbling blocks that undermine her commitment to fix unfair pay for women.

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Too many risks in rushing decile replacement

NZEI Te Riu Roa members are very concerned that decisions around a major review of the school decile funding system are being rushed through before there is evidence that the new model will improve children's education.

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Media advisory - Historic next step for pay equity

This Monday: Three Ministry of Education Support Workers are undertaking New Zealand's first ever mediation for pay equity, made possible after Kristine Bartlett won the right for such cases to be heard.

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