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We're stronger in union

Stronger together
We're stronger together. Find out how collective bargaining works for you.

We're stronger together, as the recent pay equity breakthrough has shown. Care workers are finally getting a fair deal for doing traditional “women’s work,” and together as NZEI we’re negotiating a pay equity deal for ministry-employed Education Support Workers. Next up is fair pay for teacher aides and other support staff. ECE teachers look to have a strong case too.

This is an historic moment and it’s all because we have a united voice. NOW is the time to stand with your colleagues and join your union.

By joining NZEI you will become a member of an active and vibrant union which works with you to ensure New Zealand children continue to get the high quality education they deserve.
We work with members to make sure there is a strong voice for quality teaching and learning and for fair pay and quality working conditions.

You can download a form for full membership, or for a student membership or join online below.

How much should you pay?

Check your gross fortnightly income (before tax and deductions are taken off) and work out what your subscription rate will be. You can also pay your subscription by recurring credit card payments at any of the frequencies below.

Gross fortnightly income


Direct debit

Invoiced by NZEI





6 monthly









Up to 354.79







354.80 – 709.59







709.60 – 1064.38







1064.39 – 1419.18














You can also download this rate card as a PDF (50 KB)

Do you work in support?

We know that many support staff members who don't receive a regular salary every fortnight have problems with subscription payments via payroll. That's because the same formula is used by the payroll computer to work out the subscriptions for all NZEI members. That formula doesn't take into account that many support staff members do not work the same number of hours every week throughout the year.

Paying your subscription by Direct Debit or Credit Card is likely to save you money, because we can be much more precise in calculating your subscription than the payroll computer.

Influencing Education Policies

NZEI plays an active part in developing national education policies, promoting high professional standards and the best education for children.

NZEI representatives:
  • meet regularly with Ministers, Members of Parliament and government officials participate in government working parties and groups that are developing education policies
  • lobby Government about issues that members feel strongly about
  • make submissions on key policy and legislation.

Improve your pay and status

NZEI Te Riu Roa has the collective strength to negotiate improved pay and conditions. We have a proud history of successful campaigning for better status and pay for our members. By joining NZEI you can be sure that:
  • your pay and conditions are negotiated and enforced effectively (through your collective agreement)
  • you get support at your workplace when you need it
  • you can access training seminars, workshops and conferences
  • advocacy and support is available for employment issues
  • you get advice on training and qualifications
  • you get regular opportunities to meet and share experiences with your colleagues through local networks, conferences and seminars, and at NZEI’s local branch, aronui tomua and komiti pasifika meetings. 

Your protection at work

Being a member of NZEI Te Riu Roa means being part of a team that acts collectively to support each other. NZEI Te Riu Roa has paid field staff and voluntary Members' Support Teams working throughout New Zealand to support you. We also have knowledgeable, experience staff in our Member Support Centre. That means help and advice are only a phone call away on 0800 NZEI Help ()800 693 443). Our industrial advocates are skilled and experienced negotiators. As a member, you are involved and kept informed during the negotiation of your collective employment agreement. Remember, you can only be covered by the NZEI Te Riu Roa negotiated agreement at your workplace if you are a member of the union.

At NZEI we believe in the vital contribution all education staff make in providing a quality learning environment for children at every level of their education. We represent teachers and principals, school support staff, kindergarten and early childhood centre teachers, Kaiarahi i te reo, assistants to teachers of students with severe disabilities and special education assistants, Group Special Education managers, field staff and support workers, advisers and specialists. Support is just a phone call away

NZEI has skilled field officers and takawaenga who visit workplaces and keep in touch with members, providing advice, information and advocacy and ensuring your interests are protected.

Reflecting Your Interests

NZEI Te Riu Roa is a democratic organisation in which people working in education support each other on professional and employment matters. Members elect their representatives. Involvement begins in the workplace and continues through local branches, aronui tomoa or komiti pasifika and area councils to the union's National Executive and Maori Council, Te Reo Areare.

Sector networks ensure the needs of all members are understood and reflected throughout NZEI Te Riu Roa. Advisory groups provide policy advice to the National Executive, monitor professional concerns and play a key role in the negotiation of employment agreements, recruitment and networking.

NZEI Te Riu Roa is committed to honouring and giving effect to the Treaty of Waitangi within education and inside the union. The union's Maori structures are supported in their work to improve the quality of Maori education.

Other benefits